Service Providers

The Dialshifter badge will be made available to investment intermediaries and service providers that offer products and/or services that can help to address climate change and sustainability challenges. 

Examples of relevant service providers include: portfolio providers, discretionary fund managers (DFMs), ratings agencies, platforms and providers of related support services.


Our service provider qualification requirements are listed above.  These aim to help differentiate between products and services that are and are not helping to address environmental challenges such as climate change.

Only services that have transparent and constructive methodologies – that we believe are managed responsibly and in the spirit of helping to shift the dial – will be considered.

Services will be checked as part of our verification process.

These requirements will be consulted on and improved from time to time – with the expectation of raising our standards.


Service providers and intermediaries, such as investment researcher companies, fund platforms and portfolio providers, are directly or indirectly used by almost every financial adviser and individual investor.

Their role is therefore crucial as they commonly act as gate keepers – ultimately making it either easy or difficult for investors to find funds that are helping to shift the dial.

Highlighting the role of those that are doing good work in this area is therefore an important part of changing how people invest and supporting  the transition to more sustainable business practices and lifestyles.

In order to qualify for the Dialshifter badge we (and our verification partners) will require to see that relevant services are well thought through, transparent, constructive, clearly visible, properly resourced and available to all.

 Dialshifter Minimum Requirements for Service Providers


  • Offer ‘Dialshifting’ tools and/or services that help to drive greater investment towards funds addressing sustainability challenges.
  • Your ‘Dialshifter’ products or service must be visible on the home page of your company website.
  • Dialshifter products or services must be available to all clients.
  • Must provide a clear and meaningful explanation (for advisers and clients) of how climate change is integrated into their analysis
  • Must provide evidence that your service(s) can respond to clients’ diverse aims and objectives.
  • Must have transparent processes in place to deal with client queries.
  • Must provide evidence of how ‘Dialshifter’ service is supported internally.
  • Must provide a Dialshifter summary – explaining how this service is helping to ‘shift the dial’
  • To provide or be working on a ‘net zero’ / Paris Alignment statement that articulates a commitment to help reduce carbon emissions swiftly

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All relevant service providers can apply.

Please do get in touch if you believe your offering should be considered but feel it may not meet the criteria outline above –


Please be aware we are not regulated (or regulators) and can not endorse or recommend any adviser, service or investment. The information we supply is ‘for information only’.