Funds and Fund Manager Form

Please complete the following form to apply for your fund to become a Dialshifter.

Dialshifter qualification criteria

To qualify for use of the Dialshifter badge, funds must meet all of the (11) 'Obligatory' criteria plus at least one additional option from the category classification list.

Our use of the terms 'Exclude' and 'Avoid' : we use these terms as they are recognised descriptions, however this may also mean 'will never invest in this area because it is outside of the scope of this fund'.
Please supply documentation to evidence the following:

In order to be approved as a 'Dialshifter', funds must provide evidence of each of these criteria - or explain if any are not directly applicable. All responses must be verifiable, consistent with the intention of 'shifting the dial from brown to green' and able to be explained to clients.

Funds will also have to fulfil additional (more specific) goals based on the main ways in which funds can help ‘shift the dial’.

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We will use the information you have supplied for publication on to help verify your Dialshifter status. You may attach additional information here if required (not for publication).

Maximum 100 words. (This will subject to verification but can be amended if required.)