About Us

Dialshifter is a new initiative being worked on by SRI Services, which was founded in 2010 by Julia Dreblow BA Hons, Dip PFS.

What else does SRI Services do?

Dialshifter builds on the success of our free to use, whole of (SRI) market sustainable, responsible and ethical investment fund tool ‘Fund EcoMarket’ which helps financial advisers and other intermediaries to match sustainable, responsible and ethical funds  to client aims.

This ‘whole of SRI/ESG market’ tool (with well over 1000 users per month) is available thanks to the support of the 16 fund management companies whose logos are displayed on the home page of the site. (Partners’ funds are listed first with logos shown – but otherwise treated identically to other funds).

Our other work includes retail SRI related consultancy, collaboration, training (including being lead author of the PIMFA ESG Academy), events, media and intermediary support.


Julia Dreblow was first involved in SRI in 1991 and has worked full time in this field since 1996.

Prior to setting up SRI Services in 2010 Julia was the SRI Marketing Manager at Friends Provident, where she worked for 12 years.

Her work today is specialised but diverse – focused on the retail, intermediated SRI market.  Julia is also a director of UKSIF the not-for-profit sustainable finance industry association.

For further information see the Fund EcoMarket and SRI Services websites.