Until now there has been no agreed pathway that helps retail investment clients or their advisers to navigate their way through to investment options that are helping to ‘shift the dial’.

SRI Services has brought together fund information for advisers and wealth managers on the Fund EcoMarket fund tool since 2011- and offers a ‘Find An Adviser’ list there too.  Dialshifter is different from this as it is about focusing on what investors need to do to help address key environmental challenges.

Its aim is to help raise awareness and standards by setting out how and when we will allow others to use the Dialshifter logo across all the key areas of the individual investor (retail) investment chain – from advisers and those they rely on – to individual fund options and fund management companies.

We have split this are into three groups as follows:

  • Funds and Fund Management Companies – whose roles involve buying, selling and/or managing shares, bonds, property or other assets on behalf of individual investors
  • Service Providers – whose roles involve offering information and services that help inform or direct financial advisers’ or individual investors’ investment decisions
  • Financial Advisers and colleagues – whose roles involve meeting with, advising and supporting individual (retail) investment investors (‘clients’)