Funds & Fund Managers

About Dialshifter Funds & Fund Management Companies

The Dialshifter badge will be available for funds (and later also investment institutions) that meet the Dialshifter requirements below.

Applicants will also have to complete , the aim of which are to support, encourage and/or facilitate the shift towards lower carbon and more sustainable business practices and lifestyles.

‘Dialshifter’ requirements for all funds are:

(see form on next page)

Minimum fund specific filters selected on Fund EcoMarket:

Core fund strategy / purpose criteria:

  • Aims to help generate positive impacts (or outcomes) #
  • Sustainability policy or theme *
  • Climate change / GHG policy or theme *
  • Human rights policy *

Specific exclusions criteria:

  • Deforestation (eg palm oil) policy *
  • Excludes coal, oil and gas majors*
  • Excludes fracking, tar sands and arctic drilling*

Responsible Ownership requirements:

  • ESG integration policy *
  • Responsible ownership (stewardship) policy +
  • Publishes voting record +

Ethical underpin requirement:

  • Excludes producers of tobacco and armaments*

PLUS one or more of the following:

  • Invest in environmental solutions companies # (to be a ‘Solutions focused’ Dialshifter)
  • Encourage carbon/GHG reduction (to be a ‘Transition focused’ Dialshifter)
  • Climate Action 100+ / IIGCC member (to be a ‘Responsible Ownership’ focused Dialshifter)
  • Funds with more than one of the above may be classed as ‘all rounders’


  • * ‘Policies, Issues & Themes’ filter
  • # ‘Approaches and Application’ filter
  • + ‘Corporate Activity’ filter

 The fund manager must provide the following:

  • Fund Information must be displayed on Fund EcoMarket (with additional information and links supplied)
  • Must complete Dialshifter fund form
  • Must provide a Dialshifter summary – explaining how this service is helping to ‘shift the dial’
  • To provide or be working on a ‘net zero’ / Paris Alignment statement that articulates a commitment to help reduce carbon emissions swiftly


More about Dialshifter fund criteria

Our draft fund qualification requirements are listed above.  These aim to help differentiate between funds that are and are not helping to address environmental challenges such as climate change.

Only funds that have explicit and publicly available climate change related strategies – which we believe are applied responsibly and in the spirit of helping to shift the dial – will be considered.

The list above are minimum criteria.  In most cases we expect funds to significantly exceed these ‘baseline’ requirements.

Fund information will be checked as part of our verification process.

These requirements will be consulted on and improved from time to time – with the expectation of raising our requirements.

All relevant funds can apply.

Please be aware we are not regulated (or regulators) and can not endorse or recommend any adviser, service or investment. The information we supply is ‘for information only’.