About Dialshifter

Dialshifter’s aim is to make investment products, services and professionals who are genuinely helping to ‘shift the dial’ easier for everyone to recognise.

The way it works is simple.  Financial services businesses complete the relevant form on this website, we review their submission and when ready submit their application for external verification.

Those that achieve the required standard are able to use the Dialshifter logo for promotional purposes and will be listed on our Dialshifter Directory.

‘Dialshifter’ is a registered trademark.

(Approved by the Intellectual Property Office on 20 December 2019) .

How hard is it to become a Dialshifter – how high have you set the bar?

Dialshifter status is intended to be achievable by all of the retail investment community – although at present relatively few meet its requirements.  We expect to be able to raise the entry requirements over time.

About the Dialshifter business model

Is there a charge for becoming a Dialshifter?


Listing a fund or fund service on our whole of market Fund EcoMarket fund tool is free. We can do this because the site is ‘sponsored’  by our partner fund managers.  Dialshifter is not sponsored and we have no plans to make it so as it will be ‘self funded’.

So is it ‘pay to play’?

Yes and no. Yes, because Dialshifter must pay for itself (so we need to charge a fee). No, because those who do not meet the published standards will not be able to use the logo or be listed on our directory.

How to become a ‘founding Dialshifter’

For interested fund, product/ service providers and advisers – we have draft application forms under each of the ‘Dialshifter’ sections of this website.  We are currently testing these and welcome involvement by interested parties.

If you are interested in being a ‘founding’ Dialshifter you are welcome to help test the forms and our processes.  If you would like to discuss this please contact julia@sriServices.co.uk  or contact Su on funds@sriServices.co.uk

When will this ‘go live’?

We aim to finalise Dialshifter around the middle of the year.