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Dialshifter has been set up to help make investment products, services and professionals who are truly helping to ‘shift the dial’ on climate change easier to recognise.

We will only award the Dialshifter logo once we have checked what has been submitted – and had it independently verifying by experts in this area.

Our aims are shameless. We are doing this to encourage the investment community to do more to help address climate change – and to assist those less who are less experienced in this area.

For funds our assessment will make use of information supplied on the ‘Dialshifter form’ alongside information already held on Fund EcoMarket.  The information on Fund EcoMarket (.co.uk) is free to use and open to all so we are being as transparent as is humanly possible.

The other groups (intermediaries, service providers and advisers) are less well represented on Fund EcoMarket – although we do offer a ‘find an adviser’ area. As this initiative progresses we will explore how we can make this more transparent.

Although the focus of this work will be climate change (and to a lesser extent the wider sustainability agenda) we are also building in some core ‘ethical underpins’ – such as requiring fund managers to exclude companies that knowingly use child labour, make tobacco products or manufacture armaments.

We will be doing this for a range of reasons – most notably perhaps because ‘clicks’ on Fund EcoMarket support the view that these remain important.

We plan to launch this in Q1 2020 and are currently working with out friends at PIMFA, Minerva Analytics and others to agree criteria, verification and communication.

If you can spare three minutes we’d be grateful if you could complete the survey below to give us your views and add your name to the list of people who are interested in this work.  Or if you prefer – please just drop me a note with your thoughts!


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