Dialshifter ® is a new initiative that SRI Services is working on with a diverse range of partners. Its aim is to make retail investment funds, intermediaries and advisers who are helping to ‘shift the dial from brown to green’ readily recognisable with a badge that is both understood and trusted.


Dialshifter is new – and still ‘work in progress’ – but will soon become a means of recognising investment funds and intermediaries that are helping to shift us to address climate change.

Information about the criteria and verification process will be published, in full, on this website shortly. Draft criteria are under the ‘Dialshifter’ tab now.


‘Dialshifter’ emerged because we are well aware that successfully building environmental considerations into investment and advice processes is not easy and intermediaries are often left wondering if a fund ‘is okay or not’.   So although the only real answer to this is ‘it depends whether or not it does what you are want it to’ we have decided to launch a badge that will help people to recognise funds that focus on ‘shifting the dial from brown to green’ – which is what is most needed of investors today.

Full fund information is available on our sister site, which hosts fund tool Fund EcoMarket – and is the first step in our verification process for Dialshifter.

So although we firmly believe in bespoke advice and matching fund strategies to client’s individual aims, given the threat of climate change and the generally slow responses – this is our attempt to help speed things up by helping to showcase leaders.

Why Climate Change?

Dialshifter is focused on climate change as it is a major existential threat that investors are well placed to help deal with.  Our criteria do however build in some additional requirements as experience tells us that other core issues also matter to investors with an interest in this area.

In essence we focus on climate change because it is the biggest single existential threat we face – and if we fail to make real progress over the next decade or so achieving other ethical, sustainable, responsible, impact investment and SDG related goals will be infinitely harder, if not impossible, to achieve.

On a journey

Dialshifter, like other work aimed at driving positive change, is of course no magic wand. Much needs to change and we hope that as Dialshifter progresses we will be able to raise the bar.

What you see today is our first step … based on 25 years of working in this area and the desire to encourage and support those with high standards rather than naming and shaming.

We hope Dialshifter will swiftly gather momentum – and are keen to engage with all organisations working in this area so that over time we truly shift the dial.

Our plans

We will approve Dialshifter® status for investment funds, intermediaries and service providers that are on the right track, supporting, encouraging and facilitating more environmentally sound investment decisions and therefore business behaviours.

The first step is to fill in our form, after that we will review and send your submission for independent verification.

We want this to be as collaborative as possible and expect this to evolve over time.  We welcome your comments and suggestions – either via our ‘Contact Us’ tab or the survey below. And if you are interested in becoming one of the first Dialshifters please use the enquiry forms provided.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Julia Dreblow

Founder SRI Services, Fund EcoMarket and Dialshifter




The small print: Please keep in mind that this site, like our others, is ‘for information only’.  We are not authorised or regulated and can not give financial advice. Our work is focused on helping financial services professionals to understand and meet their clients investment aims better. Please feel free to explore our free (and open to all) fund database Fund EcoMarket for further information.