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Dialshifter ® is a new initiative that SRI Services is working on with a diverse range of Partners. Its aim is to make retail investment funds, service providers and advisers who are helping to ‘shift the dial from brown to green’ readily recognisable with a badge that is both understood and trusted.


Dialshifter is new – and very much ‘work in progress’ – but will soon become a means of recognising investment funds and intermediaries that are helping to address climate change.


‘Dialshifter’ emerged because successfully building environmental considerations into investment and advice processes is not easy.  Intermediaries and others often struggle to differentiate between options.   So although the best way to understand whether or not a fund suits a client is to look under the bonnet we believe that a badge of this kind can readily add value.

Full fund and productc information is – and will remain – only available on our sister site Fund EcoMarket. In most instances the first step towards Dialshifter approval is to supply information for our free to use whole of market database tool.

Why Climate Change?

Dialshifter will not focus entirely on climate change however as it is currently the most pressing, existential threat that investors are well placed to help deal with it is the focus of this work.  Dialshifter criteria will however build over time to ensure many of the other crucial areas covered by our Fund EcoMarket tool are not overlooked.

In essence the climate change, at this stage, is driven by the reality that if we fail to act swiftly to address climate change achieving other ethical, sustainable and SDG related goals will be infinitely harder, if not impossible, to achieve.

On a Journey

Dialshifter, like other work aimed at driving positive change, is of course constantly evolving. We welcome complimentary initiatives that can likewise help to raise the bar.

What you see today is based on 25 years of working in this area and the desire to encourage and support those with high standards and those who aspire to higher standards – rather than simply naming and shaming.  By setting core criteria we aim to help get people and companies started on their journey.

We hope and believe Dialshifter will swiftly gain momentum – and are keen to engage with all organisations working in this area so that over time we truly shift the dial.

Our Plans

We will approve Dialshifter® status for investment funds, intermediaries and service providers that meet our criteria.

The first step is to fill in our form, after that we will review and send your submission for independent verification. Those who are successful will be listed on this site and eligible to join our events.

This will evolve over time and we welcome feedback via our ‘Contact Us’ tab.

If you are interested in becoming one of the first Dialshifters please use the enquiry forms provided.

We look forward to hearing from you!


Julia Dreblow

Founder SRI Services, Fund EcoMarket and Dialshifter



The small print: Please keep in mind that this site, like our others, is ‘for information only’.  We are not authorised or regulated and can not give financial advice. Our work is focused on helping financial services professionals to understand and meet their clients investment aims better. Please feel free to explore our free (and open to all) fund database Fund EcoMarket for further information.